Why Do We Do This Work Online?

Why tap online?

When you do EFT Tapping online…

…all you need are
wifi and the privacy to talk
plus your own hands (no one else touches you)
Working like this is now part of modern living.

It means that the time and place can be flexible.

You can work from home, from work, in your car or in the park.

Working on-line allows Willow Bennett to offer you
her years of experience and success,
her broad-based guidance, insight and support
as an experienced Tapping Coach
from anywhere in the world 

Tapping with Willow Bennett is best judged by experiencing it.

Why do you offer tapping online?

Nowadays, almost all of my work is online, although some of my coaching packages do take place in person.
It’s a way for me to have a flexible life and to be able to work with people from all over the globe. This also benefits you…

...

Over 28 years I’ve worked with clients in person, over the phone and via Zoom, FaceTime and Skype. I’ve worked, very successfully, with people in London and throughout the UK and I’ve worked with people on every one of the 5 continents in the world.

I’ve discovered that I get exactly the same great results (and often better results) when working through a live video link or over the phone. People are more relaxed because it’s so convenient and they are in their own environment.

I find that the only issues to navigate when we work on-line are the time difference and the language (as English is my Tapping language). When people stay engaged in a Tapping or coaching relationship with me on-line, we get great results, as my testimonials demonstrate.  

If you’ve never tried it, then I recommend working in this way. I strongly favour Zoom as my platform to work through. I simply send you a link or a ‘join-meeting number’ and then we connect up with high quality picture, sound and security.  You can downloaded Zoom for free.