Why Use EFT Tapping?

EFT stands for 'Emotional Freedom Technique'

It is often explained as a form of energy psychology. 

Some people like to think of it as acupuncture without the needles as it involves applying very gentle tapping with your fingers, mostly on your hands and face. 

We tap on set points located on the invisible energy channels, the meridians, that run throughout your body. 

You don’t even need to know how it works but the evidence that something is shifting, is revealed to you as you do it.

EFT Tapping offers you tangible results in the briefest of time 

In fact it can be used for just about anything and everything.

EFT Tapping is such a brilliant technique… especially when used with an experienced and skilled practitioner

Once you become an ‘experienced-tapper’…
You can use it to tap on yourself, by yourself
You can use it for any feeling or thought that you want to address
You can tap at any time, in any place, on any occasion
You can even tap in ways that no one around you will even notice

Once you know what you’re doing
All you need are your own hands 

It’s absolutely free
It never runs out
It truly empowers you

 EFT Tapping with Willow Bennett is best judged by giving it a try

Frequently Asked Questions

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EFT stands for ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ and it is often explained as a form of energy psychology. It involves applying gentle tapping with your fingers on yourself.

We tap mainly on the head and hands so tapping is done fully dressed, sitting in a chair. You can do it to yourself with my guidance. Even young children can do it.

It is a very easy and non-intrusive technique so we can do this work over Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp or Skype or over the phone.


The idea behind tapping is that it targets the energetic disturbance within us. We tune into our issue while tapping on specific tapping points located on the energy channels, the meridians, that run throughout the body.

This means that the relevance of Tapping (and what it can be used for) is virtually unlimited.

Tapping is commonly used for stress, anxiety, phobias, bad memories, confidence, fears, emotional issues, allergies and addictions (it’s very popular with chocolate or bread ‘addiction’). The list is vast. In fact it can be used for just about anything and everything.

Even if you don’t know how Tapping works, the evidence that something is shifting is revealed to you as you do it. When you tap, you feel the difference in yourself, as it happens.


Sometimes with EFT Tapping, you’ll be looking to address a very straightforward issue and we will tap through it very quickly and it will feel like it just disappeared. Other times the issue will take more time to explore and to clear sufficiently.

This is because EFT Tapping can work like peeling away the layers of an onion. We work with the first layer, we clear that and then we check what is left.

Then we work with the next layer.
We carry on, layer by layer, tapping and clearing.

Often we get through all of the layers within one session. Sometimes we have to do it across different sessions until it is sufficiently resolved to meet the clients needs.


Some people ask if Tapping is simply a distraction technique but research says otherwise. There is a great deal of scientific research that explores energy psychology, meridians and even epigenetics (an aspect of genetic research) which all helps to explain the power of tapping. (See the ‘EFT International’ website for the current scientific reviews of the data.)

Tapping is beginning to be taught in schools and used with the armed forces and natural disaster survivors. Tapping has been used to relieve and reduce severe experiences of trauma and post traumatic shock. 

Tapping is often featured in women’s magazines, EasyJet use it for the their fear of flying programme. Recently more money is being invested into researching it from a mainstream, medical, scientific perspective.

Over the last 11 years over 2,000,000 people have joined the yearly Tapping Summit where people from around the world, join in, learn about and experience the benefits of tapping.


I have a very user friendly and clear approach to Tapping. I ensure that I teach my clients how to tap on their own, in their everyday lives, without me. 

I teach a clear understanding of what we are doing together plus the most important hacks to create what I would call ‘powerful and successful DIY tapping.’

I believe that everyone should have Tapping in their lives as a powerful, practical and emotional first-aid option.
Tapping has been taught in refuge camps and after earthquakes and tsunamis. In fact Easy Jet use EFT Tapping in their fear of flying programmes.

I’m very much behind the movement that is unfolding to see Tapping taught in schools (both for problems but also to increase calm and focus) and I keenly offer it myself, in my community. 

Clients often need my guidance and insight to resolve their issues through using tapping. Yet I don’t want my clients to be reliant on me. I help them yet I also teach them.

I want to help people to empower themselves, to learn to tap well enough to handle virtually anything in life.


It’s comforting to know that there are ways to use Tapping where you can stay away from the issues you want to address.

I can guide you so that you can stay well away from your painful feelings or from what’s upsetting you and we can still get very powerful results.

This makes Tapping an easier and more comfortable approach for achieving change versus many other alternative methods.

Tapping can be a very safe and gentle way to work, especially with difficult feelings.

With Willow Bennett and Tap… Tap… Tapping… | Let’s get this happening!