What People Are Saying

Tapping with Willow Bennett is best judged by experiencing it.

‘Working on line, using EFT tapping with Willow Bennett transformed my life, I can’t thank her enough, I have the job of my dreams.’. *

Marie L.

Notting Hill, London

I’m amazed how I got this far in my life without knowing about tapping. You opened my eyes to what it is possible, as well as helping me to sort out my problem, where previously other highly rated practitioners hadn’t succeeded. *

Hilary A.

New York

‘I can’t believe that sorting out such a severe phobia was possible. You even made it look easy, I am genuinely astounded’. *

Adra P.

North London

‘I wanted to say a big thank you. I’ve made some really important decisions that I simply didn’t feel able to make before. My confidence is much higher and I no longer feel depressed and stuck. I only wish I’d done it sooner. I found you to be a very nurturing and caring person while also highly professional and knowledgeable. It is a powerful combination. Thanks again. *

Elisa R.

Sydney, Australia

‘You expect a Life-Coach to be knowledgeable and proficient. But with Willow Bennett that’s like calling David Beckham a good footballer.’ *

Matteo S.

Milan, Italy

Willow has the most amazing ability to find out what’s going on. She’s insightful, she knows so much and she has a wealth of experience. She’s like CSI for your feelings and your actions. She helps you know what you need to work on and she’s just as amazing at doing the work. I can’t recommend her highly enough.’ *

June D.

Greater London

*  DISCLAIMER –  I am  legally required to point out that every person is unique and results may vary from person to person when you work with me.


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