What Help Do You Want?

Are you troubled by your thoughts or feelings?

Are your negative issues getting in your way?

Are you STRUGGLING with…

  • Too much stress or anxiety?
  • Feeling stuck or trapped?
  • Feeling scared or frightened?
  • Feeling angry or frustrated?
  • Feeling hurt or sad?
  • Feeling heartbroken or lonely?
  • Feeling grief or loss?
Are you STRUGGLING with…

  • A change or transition?
  • Thoughts you don’t want?
  • Procrastination you can’t stop
  • A lack of motivation, energy or ideas?
  • Feeling it’s too hard?
  • Being tired of being tired?
  • Being bored of your own issues?
Do you long to feel differently?

Do you long to act differently?



  • Inner confidence
  • A significant drop in stress and anxiety
  • More energy and motivation
  • A better relationship with yourself
  • Better relationships with others
  • More satisfying work
  • Easier parenting
  • A life of peace, calm, joy and enthusiasm
Are you READY TO…

  • Let your old issues and troubles fade away?
  • Tune-in to your authentic, true self?
  • Shift towards positive feelings and beliefs?
  • Invest your time and money in yourself?

Willow Bennett is an experienced, non-judgemental 

EFT-Tapping-Practitioner & Life-Coach, who…


…Works with you at home or at work (in fact, anywhere with wifi)

…‘Gets’ who you are and what you’re going through

…Knows how to lead you to the shifts you want

…Won’t impose her reality on you

…Is compassionate and non-judgemental

With Willow Bennett and Online EFT Tapping | Let’s get this happening !

I specialise in the areas of…

Personal life Issues

Not knowing how great you are

Work Issues

Struggle with feelings and emotions

Parenting issues

Being held back by your beliefs

Change and Transition

Childhood issues

Stress and Anxiety

Relationship issues

Panic and Fear

Heartache grief and loss

I deal with…

Feeling stuck

Not fitting in

Too much thinking

Back here again


Wanting to move on


Spirituality issues

Getting nowhere

Death and dying issues

Tired of trying so hard

Past Life issues

With Willow Bennett and Tap… Tap… Tapping… | Let’s get this happening !