Becoming a Client

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Book your EFT Tapping session / Life-Coaching Package

EFT Tapping Sessions

The first session will get you comfortable with Tapping straightaway
You’ll immediately experience it’s impact

I charge £96 for a 1 hour session when booked individually

When you book 4 sessions together I offer a 25% discount 

EFT Life Coaching Package

I offer a 3 month EFT Life Coaching Package

This includes…
One x 3 hour session to explore where you are and where you want to get to

Weekly Sessions for 12 weeks

Text and email access to me between sessions

Plus a bonus Session on ‘Remote Tapping’ and its benefits

 Contact Willow for details here

I offer reduced fees for people who are either

Financially struggling single parents

Earning less that £30k per year per household

Under the age of 26 years

My clients tend to be aged 25-55 years

I also have plenty of experience with those over 55 years and with children aged 10 years upwards

(If you are under 18 years old, a parent has to engage my services and be present at the sessions)

With Willow Bennett and Tap… Tap… Tapping… | Let’s get this happening!